Water Treatment System

Focus Area

  • RO Membranes
  • UF/MF Membranes
  • Analytics
  • Dewatering
  • Laboratory Purified water
  • Chemfeed Disinfection
  • Resins
  • UV Systems
  • Cartridge filters and housing

Purified Water (PW) & Hot DI Water (Hygenic Standard) Point Of Use

Closed Loop Piping Recirculation System

Purified Water Storage Tank with Spray Ball

Portable Mixed Bed Ion Exchange Column (SDI)

Full Stainless Steel Zeolite Media Filtration (F&B Standard)

SS 316L Ultra Violet Sterilization System (F&B Standard)

Piping System with Rack Support

Biological Waste Water Treatment System

Auto Regeneratio ion exchange system for RODI system

Water Distribution System

Continuos Backwash Multimedia Filter System

Full Automatic R.O System c/w HMI and PLC SCADA

Ultra Filter (UF) Filtration System

R.O Water System c/w Pre-treatment System

Chemical Dosing System c/w Skid

Residential & Hospital Water filtration Pre-treatment System